• The Trust will conduct rigorous due diligence, especially regarding the financial context of each school. The Trust will act in a relatively risk averse manner regarding issues raised through the due diligence process, due to the importance of the mission of Trust’s current schools in supporting vulnerable children.


  • The Trust is keen to work with schools and small trusts who actively wish to join the Raleigh Education Trust, rather than to acquire and take-over. If the school is in a category, then the school’s SLT and LGB will be part of the solution during the School Improvement process.
School Performance

When engaging with schools looking to grow, the Raleigh Education Trust will focus on engaging with:

  • Schools who have approached the Raleigh Education Trust – demonstrating a genuine commitment to the Raleigh Education Trust vision
  • Schools with similar profiles to the Raleigh Education Trust’s existing schools.
  • Schools that can contribute to the Raleigh Education Trust’s existing schools, for example a mainstream primary which may share resources with Ambleside Primary
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