Imagine a future where every person is celebrated and valued for their unique qualities. That is the vision of our growth strategy: building a world where everyone is seen as special.

Empowering an inclusive children first culture

All members of our Trust collaborate to establish a culture of aligned autonomy. This means school leaders are free to express themselves and make decisions regarding their schools to ensure an all-inclusive, high-quality education. Our school leaders are also Trust leaders, and we work together every day to identify and remove obstacles that prevent children from accessing high-quality education.

We are guided by our fundamental values about our children (which we refer to as the five C’s: Character, Confidence, Curiosity, Creativity and Challenge) and our mission to empower all children through their education.

We believe every child is unique, and our Trust is committed to working with children and families who need extra help. The central team influences decisions based on the SEND Code of Practice definition of inclusion, which is the gradual elimination of barriers to learning and participation.

We place a lot of importance on children identified as having Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND). However, we work hard to avoid using this term as it implies that these children are fundamentally different and struggling in school because of their differences.

The system and structure of education often hinder their ability to thrive, so we spend a significant amount of time and resource considering the curriculum and the entire school environment, as well as our children’s relationship with these environments.

We refer to these individuals as “children who find learning difficult”, acknowledging that we all need extra help sometimes.

We know that changing systems, structures, and environments does not necessarily mean that all children will not require a helping hand or will be able to learn at the same speed as others. Every child needs exceptional adults to help them succeed, and we are fortunate to work with an exceptionally talented and committed workforce at the Trust.


Empowering an inclusive children first culture

We are successful in helping children who struggle with learning by focusing on our workforce pillars. With the support of these exceptional adults, our children, who will always find aspects of learning challenging, will thrive in the whole team’s care and guidance.

  • An inclusive workplace where all are supported to thrive in a safe and secure environment.
  • Professional growth and development opportunities for all, through a dynamic and responsive programme of learning and support.
  • A culture of curiosity and challenge ensures our work reflects on, and celebrates, our diverse community.
  • We harness the transformative potential of education to empower all in our community.

A well-functioning education system requires us to acknowledge that learning can be difficult for all children, and for many, it can be a constant struggle. Therefore, we are committed to providing our workforce with the necessary investment and support to perform these challenging roles effectively across our Trust. Together, we are addressing the challenge of providing inclusive, high-quality education by gradually developing systems and approaches to eliminate obstacles to learning and participation for our workforce.

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