Through our external partners, all academies have access to the latest technologies, support and guidance to enhance teaching and learning and support the Business Services.

Website Compliance

The Trust and individual Academy’s websites follow the Department for Education website compliance tool. This is monitored on a regular basis at both trust and academy level by our Executive Assistant and Senior Administrators. As part of the Due Diligence Process for a new schools joining the Trust, support is given to ensure website compliance from day one, should that be required.

Cyber Security

Working with the National Cyber Security Centre we are encouraging a positive security culture where we learn from incidents that have taken place and reduce the likelihood of this happening again. Through our simple, open and honest reporting structure our people feel confident to inform our IT support services of anything to do with security. We do not stigmatise mistakes but turn these into opportunities for self-improvement at both individual, academy and trust level. During investigations we ensure that we have the complete picture and do not create action bias, communicate our findings and reinforce confidential reporting.

Rolling new technology replacement programme

Through our IT provider we are aware of the age and stage of our software and hardware which is our basis for our IT Strategy. The IT strategy is built into each Academy’s budget so that the latest resources are available to all of our people.

Digital transformation

At Raleigh Education Trust we are continually looking for new technologies to transform our organisation. In recent months we have invested in a new cloud-based Information Management System across the Trust. This ensures one point of data entry and information is accessible should the need to work from home arise. We are continually looking to use new technologies to improve our academic and business services to ensure efficiency and effectiveness in all that we do.

Help desk

Through our external partner we have access to a highly effective IT support service provided either on site or through their central support helpdesk. By using this facility our people are well supported to reduce downtime and issues are dealt with swiftly.

Family of Schools

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