Where we will be in three years: School Improvement

  1. All Trust schools align to a shared vision for school improvement, connecting the strategy for school improvement to a set of widely understood objectives, standardised action plans and KPIs.
  2. The Trust improvement framework is assisting the school improvement in challenging schools. It enhances ongoing school improvement in our stronger schools, using school to school support and school clusters to help broker support and drive a continuous culture of school improvement and curriculum development.
  3. Leadership is distributed at all levels across the organisation. This culture sustains the capacity for peer-to-peer support programmes and in-house experts to promote and deliver a culture of continuous improvement.

Where we will be in three years: Teaching and Learning

  1. Sustained improvements in teaching and learning are guided by research and benchmarked against the sector.
  2. Compelling networking opportunities foster a shared culture to deepen subject knowledge and pedagogy across all schools in the pursuit of excellence.
  3. Learning technologies are optimised and integrated into the whole educational experience across all of our schools.

Where we will be in three years: Practitioner Development

  1. Opportunities for continuous development are open to all employees, underpinned by mechanisms for sharing innovative teaching practice and knowledge across the MAT.
  2. In-house mentors, coaches and facilitators build internal capacity to support the development of the Trust Leadership Institute.
  3. The Trust careers pathway framework meets the career aspirations of all staff in our schools. Effective induction, probation and performance management and appraisal arrangements are in place to support the career lifecycles of all staff. These opportunities are enhanced through a tailored programme of development to support existing and aspiring leaders, combining accredited programmes of study, such as NPQs, with more specific enriched development opportunities.

Where we will be in three years: Collaboration and Partnership Working

  1. The Trust profile is enhanced through contributions to local and national networks about the educational development of schools. These activities ensure the Trust is represented in diverse networks, alert to new trends, and familiar with current best practices in the education sector.
  2. Strong links with other schools and MATs ensure we remain an outwardly facing organisation.
  3. Families are strong advocates of our schools and influential members of our communities. In addition, they are an integral part of each pupil’s achievement and safeguarding arrangements.

The full three-year Trust Improvement Plan can be downloaded here.

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