Strategic service provision. Year 3 outcome

  1. Trust business management functions operate in accordance with and often exceed statutory regulations and ESFA returns. This strong foundation ensures service effectiveness to maximise the positive impact on teaching and learning, safeguarding of children, and extended services provision.
  2. Standard operating procedures and other processes maximise efficiency and provide service continuity in the event of staff absence.
  3. Practical procedures for all employees’ recruitment, appointment, induction, review, and development are in place.

Human resource service provision. Year 3 outcome

  1. Effective cover arrangements for staff absence maintain a high level of service provision. Including, absence monitoring arrangements to ensure absent colleagues receive timely support and procedural guidance.
  2. Employment policies are adopted consistently, monitored, reviewed appropriately, and coordinated effectively through the Trust trade union Joint Negotiating Committee (JNC).
  3. Staff wellbeing support is available to all staff and reviewed annually. These reviews are inclusive of workload factors.

Estates and facilities management. Year 3 outcome

  1. The Trust maintains high-security standards, maintenance, servicing, testing and inspection of site equipment for all school sites and their contents. We identify and adopt energy efficiency measures where possible.
  2. Collaborative procurement and purchasing arrangements continue to represent the best value, and that contracts continue to be secured in accordance with financial guidelines and regulations.
  3. Trust schools comply with the requirements of the Health & Safety at Work Regulations. To take reasonable care of the Health & Safety of all employees and to ensure that the Health & Safety responsibilities are carried out.

ICT Service Provision. Year 3 outcome

  1. The Trust’s ICT infrastructure & Strategic vision supports collaboration, sharing best practices and resources, and offering value for money.
  2. Practical cyber security arrangements are in place and monitored.
  3. Lifecycle management ensures new technology supports employee wellbeing and work-life balance.

The full three-year Trust Improvement Plan can be downloaded here.

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