Performance. Year 3 outcome

  1. The Trust adheres to EDI legislation. As the regulatory body our practice is fair, consistent and free from discrimination.
  2. As a single organisation, we are alert and responsive to EDI issues raised in the course of our work and manage them with integrity. We support fair access to and equality of opportunity across the Trust.
  3. We maintain a diverse workforce that is reflective of the public we support. By promoting robust professional values and by setting clear EDI expectations in our standards, guidance and communications.

Communication and engagement. Year 3 outcome

  1. We deliver services, events, consultations, communications and publications that are relevant and accessible to all and that promote diverse engagement with the organisation.
  2. The Trust works in partnership with other relevant organisations to explore EDI issues and to ensure that our approach to EDI is contemporary and evolving.
  3. We are mindful of the unique perspectives throughout the Trust. Ensuring EDI policies and practice are well embedded, and training in EDI for all our staff is tailored where appropriate to their roles, and to promote a culture of understanding and inclusivity amongst colleagues.

Data, intelligence and research. Year 3 outcome

  1. The Trust proactively collect, analyse and apply EDI workforce data in our corporate decision-making.
  2. Annual EDI stakeholder surveys inform future planning, modelling a culture where decision-makers are open to feedback from employees and stakeholders.
  3. The Trust engages with a wide range of bodies to ensure EDI developments are grounded in new knowledge, and rooted in best practice.

The full three-year Trust Improvement Plan can be downloaded here.

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